Changes Master Accountancy

A major item on the agenda of the last Faculty Council were the changes in the Master Accountancy. Most notably is the introduction of a ‘Master Thesis File’ (instead of a single master thesis), which consists of three mini theses’ concerning business application, replication study and a research note.

Since the first two ‘mini theses’ are linked to two specific courses, we had some questions about the possibility of the inflow in February. Unfortunately, the Management Team didn’t seem to have an answer to that, but luckily the Academic Director of accountancy was present and could reassure us that there will be no problems for the inflow at February at all! It also remains possible to write those mini theses’ in collaboration with companies.

Finally, we made some remarks about the lack of choice in the electives, since there seemed to be quite an overlap. This is noted by the Management Team and the Academic Director of accountancy and will be considered for the year(s) to come. Overall the changes looked good


Issues with Osiris

Another hot topic is of course the issues with Osiris. We have been informed that all lectures should have received information by now about the usage of forms in Osiris regarding the publication of grades. With this information, lecturers should be able to make a distinction between partial and final grades to inform student better about their results.

We have also been updated about the enrollment of Osiris and the link with Canvas. Students should be able to have access to Canvas without active enrollment in a specific course. Students who do not engage in an educational program will therefore still have access to course material and the faculty will have more insights about the real numbers.


PASS mentoring program evaluation

Overall the program was evaluated quite positively, although some of the employees did not quite agree with this. This was because the planning was not right and there were some initial problems. We made some comments about the quality of the document and asked how the Management Team wants to move on after this evaluation. We have been told that there is a new coordinator who is very thorough and will contact all stakeholders to make an action plan. (We will keep our eye on this/we will keep this in mind)


Digital testing evaluation

In the past there has been some problems with digital testing and e-assessments. Therefore, more attention has been given to this subject. From November 6 until January 25, 50 digital exams took place which engaged 24 staff members and 4140 students. Lecturers were generally satisfied with the testing system and all exams were successfully completed, a couple with some minor technical hiccups.

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