Learning Analytics

A new plan has been put forward by the management team with the aim of optimizing the educational excellence of the faculty. To this end the faculty will employ various analytical techniques on the data already available and gather new data on students and their activities at Tilburg University. ECCO has proposed to add a student to the steering group of this project to adequately represent the student perspective in the implementation of this innovative step. Both this addition and the project itself have been approved by the Faculty Council.

Changes in Master Economics

A number of changes to the Master Economics were proposed to the Faculty Council. Among these changes were a renaming of the ‘Competition and Regulation’ track to ‘Law and Economics’ and the addition of a new track ‘Datascience’. According to ECCO, these changes were not adequately substantiated. Since Tilburg University already offers both Law and Datascience Master programs we fear that renaming tracks at other Masters interferes with the recognition of these degrees. The management team has to further explain the reasoning behind these decisions and the approval has been postponed to next Faculty Council meeting.

Last chance exam

The discussion for a last chance exam has been reopened. ECCO, together with the personnel party Independents are currently extending to their respective constituencies to gather perspectives and insights into this matter and to reopen the discussion.

Student contribution per faculty

It has come to the attention of ECCO that the contribution per student by the university varies widely per faculty. With the result that TiSEM receives quite a substantial sum less per student than any other faculty of Tilburg University. ECCO does not understand the discrepancy in these contributions since all students pay the same tuition, and should therefore be treated equally as any other students at Tilburg University. There are of course economies of scale at TiSEM, but they are not as influential as the discrepancy suggests. The management team of TiSEM agrees with our findings and will deliver more information on these payments in the next cycle.

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