Changes in Master Economics

The changes in the Master Economics proposed during last faculty council, were on the agenda again during this cycle. The changes to the program were further substantiated by the management team, which convinced us on the topic of the Law and Economics track. On the track Data Science we still had some doubts. Through additional verbal explanation and multiple memos the management team persuaded us to give a positive advice on these changes. Our remarks centered around the fact that we did not feel comfortable for this track to be marketed as a Data Science program as the study material did not cover this field enough in our opinion. The management team took our comment in consideration and pledged to ensure that it is clear this program does not teach pure data scientist, but economists with a knowledge of data science.

Managing director TiSEM

Current managing director of our school TiSEM, drs. Mat van Essen, has announced that he will retire this summer. We would like to thank him for his involvement in the management of TiSEM for the last number of years, as well as the constructive cooperation with student representation that characterizes his style of management.

Quality agreements decision process

When the student grants were abolished by the national government, it was promised these cuts would be compensated by large scale investments in education. The spending of these investments has to be in accordance with quality agreements which paint a framework in which these expenditures take place. During the faculty council we gave advice on the first draft of these agreements which were drawn up by university council. To properly represent the student perspective in these negotiations we will work together with the education committees and keep an eye on the progress of these agreements.

Letter to the board on reserves

During the last cycle, together with the staff fractions Independents and TiU International, we formulated a letter to the Executive Board to voice our concerns on the capping of the reserves of TiSEM. In our opinion the reserves of TiSEM should be spend on TiSEM students, and therefore capping these reserves and spending them on a university-wide level is unfair to TiSEM students. This letter will be followed up upon and we will keep working to represent all TiSEM students and work towards fair spending of the reserves.

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