Unfortunately the development of the scriptiedossier is encountering some delay. We mentioned it would be a shame if the opportunity to involve students and teachers in defining how to improve the processes is not taken. The MT said that even considering the delay, students and teachers are supposed to be involved. Also, the MT is working on aligning the thesis supervision procedures with the idea to diminish inter-program differences.

Together with the Independents we asked for a plan that will involve evaluation criteria, who will be involved and the timeline. The Vice Dean of Education is asked to provide such a plan.

Information session student mentors
We received signals that the meeting for next years student mentors took only 10 minutes, while it was supposed to be 45 minutes. Besides being informed that mentorship takes one full year, instead of half a year, no new information was provided to the students. So we asked the MT for an update, unfortunately the Vice Dean Education was not present during the meeting, so we requested an update on this matter next meeting.

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