Consequences of the growth for TiSEM
We expressed our concerns regarding capacity. Since  this lies on University level, the MT will bring this concern forward in discussion with The Board.

Quality of students
The MT is monitoring growth in student numbers and the BSA-rate, sudden changes could be a signal of changes in quality and will be discussed in the FC.

Career possibilities
We expressed we would like to see that all students are able to attend career-related events, such as EBT. The MT will add the ambition to allow all students to participate in EBT to the Executive Agenda. In the future the plan is to optimize a uniform University schedule for elements such as career-related events.

The MT wants to get everyone aware of the possibilities regarding digitization. There will be a training program to create more awareness among all staff. Younger people tend to adapt more naturally; the MT wants to involve the older generation as well. Blended learning will not be required in every single course. The MT wants to give employees a choice in what form of education they use.
As of September 2019 Blackboard will be replaced by a new system. Next year this new system will be tested in pilots.
ICT is urged to make sure that the lecture rooms facilitate the plans.

Recruitment Education Committees 
We suggested to involve ‘De Smeetskring’ in this recruitment task.

TER Harmonazation
The MT did not receive new information, but will ask for an update and inform us when they get one.

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