About Student Party ECCO

Student Party ECCO represents the interests of all students studying at the Tilburg School of Economics & Management (TiSEM) within the Faculty Council. ECCO consists of seven student members, from different studies and backgrounds.

On a two-monthly base, we meet with the Faculty Management Team and the personnel party to discuss ongoing affairs in the fields of education, research and budgets. We represent student interests in situations where the Faculty Management Team has decided to amend existing policies or introduce new measures. Furthermore, via our right of initiative, we create new benefits for students. Often students and staff have different interests, but the discussions between the two sides are definitely constructive. The challenge for both parties is to benefit from finding the best possible solutions.

In the past, Student Party ECCO arranged several important affairs for students. For example, Student Party ECCO is co-responsible for the realization of two start dates for most of the master programs offered at TiSEM. Furthermore, we have arranged that for TiSEM students there will be no forced additional costs on cases and software licenses. In collaboration with staff representatives, ECCO has achieved re-implementation of the Last Chance Regulation, starting in September 2020. ECCO will always argue in favor of improving the quality of education, even in times of austerity and performance targets.

Furthermore, Student Party ECCO has close contact with all student representatives from TiSEM and the student parties on the university council level. By means of regular meetings, we aim to improve the information flow by updating each other about ongoing matters.

If you have any suggestions or complaints regarding the education or other affairs at TiSEM, please click here to let us know and we are willing to help you!

We also encourage you to stay in contact with Student Party ECCO through our Facebook page (Student Party ECCO).